Kicking Your Diet Into High Gear With Supplements

In the battle against the bulge, a simple diet may not always be good enough. Two of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market, raspberry ketone and garcinia cabogia, are targeted at people who need that extra boost. In terms of shedding those pesky pounds, these products are said to increase metabolic rates and decrease hunger pangs by a remarkably large amount, making them a welcome addition to almost every bikini-readiness program out there.

Garcinia Cambogia: An Asian Delicacy with Added Benefits

garcinia cambogiaThis small, green, pumpkin-esque fruit adds an extra sour zing to Asian meals. The Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) found in the skin of the fruit is what makes Garcinia Cambogia extract so effective as a weight loss tool. Having been tested on both animals and humans, this plant extract has been linked to an increase in serotonin levels which is why it is so effective in reducing hunger pangs and cravings.

A study on rats showed that Garcinia Cambogia extract produces an effect that neutralizes the effects of a fat producing enzyme known as Citrate Lyase. This enzyme is responsible for converting carbohydrates into fats.

Raspberry Ketone: Lending Color and Aroma to the Berry

raspberry ketoneRaspberry Ketone is the substance responsible for the bright red hue and delectably sweet aroma of raspberries. It is, however, important for weight loss enthusiasts to realize that the ketone found in diet aids is not derived from actual raspberries as the production process would be far too expensive. More often than not, the raspberry ketone in weight loss supplements is made synthetically. The good news is that the industrial process does not in any way reduce its efficacy.

The molecular structure of these ketones is similar to that of capsaicin and the natural stimulant, synephrine, both of which are used in diet products. Instead of combining these two products in an effort to boost metabolic rates, raspberry ketone can be used on its own to do the same job. Research shows that adding ketone to fat cells breaks them down and causes them to release adiponectin, a hormone known to regulate blood sugar levels and metabolism

Comparing the Two

When choosing a weight loss supplement containing Garcinia Cambogia, it is important to find a product containing at least 50% HCA. The supplement should be taken three times a day before meals as it will prepare the body to inhibit those fat producing enzymes. Taking the supplement three times a day means that serotonin levels will stay balanced throughout, killing off any unwanted food cravings.

Rasperry ketone, although also effective as an appetite suppressant, works on hormone levels rather than enzymes. It has been proven that slimmer people have high levels of adiponectin in their systems, which is why their blood sugar levels remain stable and stops a person from craving food. Ketone also assists in boosting the body’s natural capacity for lipolysis, the breakdown of fat in a healthy body. Many raspberry ketone supplements also include caffeine, which further helps to boost energy levels and increase metabolic rate.

Weight Loss Diets Featured Online With Proven Results

Tlose weighthe goal to get slimmer with diet and weight loss tips seems to be as American as apple pie.  For instance, there are many dieters who comment online about always trying to lose weight.  Still, there are some tried and true methods for dropping weight fast without endangering one’s health with proven methods that really work.  For instance, many dieters limit their calories and do not eat past a certain time in the evening.

Another aspect of weight loss is linked to regular exercise, with many success stories from former coach potatoes who are now walking, exercising or running regularly to help drop extra pounds.  While going to the gym works for some dieters, others say they need to stay active throughout the day by simply walking and climbing more steps at home.  Either way, it has been proven that exercise is key to true weight loss and control.

Weight Loss Tips Offered Online

The many successful dieters who have literally outsmarted their sugar and carb cravings say they did it “over time” with lots of trial and error.  In fact, there is a consensus among top doctors and nutritionists that a quick and easy method for lasting weight loss does not exists because most dieters have worked hard to drop those nagging pounds around their gut.

The weight loss tips that seem to work include:

  • No eating after 7 p.m.
  • Curbing sugar foods in the morning
  • Exercising seven days a week by walking, running, swimming or other doing something that works the heart and body muscles
  • Limit all processed foods
  • Limit eating lots of meat and dairy
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • Walk or exercise after enjoying meals
  • Eat slow and mindful so not to over eat

In general, setting “realistic” weight loss goals worked wonders for dieters who learned how to turn stored fat by making their bodies a furnace that enjoys foods, but also works the food off with regular exercise and eating only “live” foods.

Dieting Takes Shape Over Time

lose weight2There is a view from weight loss experts that every pound lost requires burning about 4,000 calories.  This is easily done by eating less every day, and simply walking, running or doing some form of exercise, say nutritionists.  Moreover, the goal of limiting the number of calories one eats on any given day is “sure to aid in overall weight loss,” added a weight loss fan coaching others to drop extra pounds online.  For example, the weight loss fan say she tracks the calories in all her meals, and has lost lots of nagging belly fat by doing simple aerobic exercises each morning.

Overall, there are many popular and successful methods and weight loss products featured online that seem to work for some when there is a true dieting commitment over time.  Also, there is a view that any successful diet take real effort and dedication.  Thus, it may be a good idea for some dieters to join a weight loss group for needed emotional help.

Losing Weight The Easy Way

Losing weight successfully can be extremely difficult, especially if you are living a very busy lifestyle. There are multiple fads that are circling around in today’s society, not to mention all of the products that can help you to reach your goals, but there are also many simple, less expensive ways to lose weight.

Eating Healthy

Drinking water constantly throughout the day, no matter where you may be, is very important if you want to lose weight. Infused water is a great way to tweak your diet in the most simple way possible, but it is also a very effective way as well. Drinking water with lemon juice or sliced lemon is very healthy, and will help to metabolize excess fat and detoxify your liver. It can also help you to speed up your metabolism around 33%, which will burn an extra 100 calories each day.

Controlling your hunger is also a very important factor when it comes to your diet and losing weight, which can be controlled over time by gradually eating smaller portions. Sure, having a big lunch or dinner that gives you a satisfying and full feeling is great, but doing so every day is not healthy at all. By controlling your portions, and savoring each bite, your hunger level will gradually minimize.

Easy Workouts

Not everyone has the time to visit their local gym, or workout in general, throughout their day. This could be because of a busy work schedule, small children or whatever the case may be. However, there are also various exercises that can be done almost anywhere, and only last about 10 minutes. By doing a small workout, such as jumping jacks or a power walk in the morning after you wake up, for 10 minutes at a time, you will have more energy to keep going throughout the day. Not only that, but you will also have the energy to do these small workouts more often.

jumpin jacks

Dumbbell exercises, standing push-ups or even just playing with your children after dinner for 10 minutes, multiple times a day, will increase your energy levels over time. This will help you to workout harder and longer if you wish. For example, in just 10 minutes, a woman weighing about 150 pounds has the potential to lose up to 80 calories. When it comes to weight loss, gaining the confidence you want should not have to be like pulling teeth. It can not only be easy, but also fun.

Stopping Temptation to Snack Between Meals

It can be extremely hard not to snack between meals, especially if your hunger levels have yet to be under control. One way you can stop making trips to the fridge, is to put  your mind on something else. If you eat when you are bored or have nothing else to do, this will surely lead to snacking when you should not be.

Break this habit by picking up a new hobby, which will help keep your mind off of your hunger. To successfully lose weight, while still wanting to snack, a healthy alternative such as an apple is also a great idea if you are big on snacking between meals.